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Mar 30 2020 #1

Rick Svoboda

Slot Fish

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Property :
Indian Cave: La Roca Range, Santo

Happy to be on the water

Reservation Number : 22974
Property Name : Indian Cave: La Roca Range
Reservation Date : 03/29/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 50, biggest 4.5
Lures Used : Texas rigged Senkos & Jigs

Was a great day fishing and nice being out of the house for a while.  Air temp was mid 50's when we started and warmed up nicely in the afternoon with just a light breeze and overcast skies.  Water temp was 68 and water clarity was 18"-24".  Water has stopped going over the spillway.  Mike and I caught 50 fish.  The biggest was 4.5, with several others at 4, 3.5 & 3 lbs.  We harvested 19.  With harvesting 16" and under, some of those were pretty nice fish.  Most were caught on Texas rigged Senkos near the bank or just out around the timber.  The bigger fish were caught on jigs in deeper water around timber.  With the lake being so long, one slow pass up one side and then down the other side takes the best part of the day.  And still can't get over how deep it is right along the bank.  Just a gorgeous property, both on the water and the drive in & out.  

Mar 30 2020 #2

Steve Alexander


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Thanks for taking out those 15" and 16" fish. We will be adding 40,000 threadfin to Indian Cave and 10,000 to Rock Creek in May. The owner is committed to pouring the groceries to the lake, lets do are part and harvest!!! If we can get the harvest where it needs to be (700+ lbs) per year, many of these 3's and 4's will push to 5's and 7's in a couple of years. 

Thank you Rick and Mike for doing your part!!!




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