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Apr 01 2020 #1

Kevin Fuller

Slot Fish

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Property :
Dogwood Lakes Estate: East Lake, Henderson

PB for Birthday

Reservation Number : 23612
Property Name : Dogwood Lakes Estate: East Lake
Reservation Date : 03/31/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 24 up to 8.25
Lures Used : Flukes,Cranks,Flies

Took my middle son fishing as a birthday present for him and to get him out of the house and back out in God's good country.  It was so good to be back out on the water.  My son Cody caught the whopper of the day and a new personal best for him at 8.25 on a white fluke in the back of the lake in the shallows off a bed.  He caught a nice 5.33 right out in front of Rocky's house over by the bridge.  He saw some even bigger fish but no takers.  He rounded out his day with some culls and some nice 2 and 3 pound fish.  The fly rod saw no big fish (except for some super sized bream) and I ended the day with 12 culls although some of them were pretty nice fish with the 16" cull cut.  It was a beautiful day on a beautiful property.  Rocky and his daughter came by to say hi before we left and we had a good visit with him.  Thank you PW for a great birthday gift for my son - the Dogwood lakes are big bass palaces.  Great day.  

Apr 01 2020 #2

Mark Daugherty

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What a BIRTHDAY present - congrats to Cody and the PB!  What a beaut!



Apr 01 2020 #3

Chris Haller


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Congrats to Cody!  Look at that belly!


Apr 01 2020 #4

Dale Pybus


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That's a pig.


Dogwood is a bass palace.


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