Great afternoon at Hidden Springs Ranch

Apr 02 2020

Clay Abernathy


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Reservation Number : 23645
Property Name : Hidden Springs Ranch
Reservation Date : 04/01/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 9 ranging from 10"-25"
Lures Used : frogs and torpedos

We fished from 3:30 to 6:45 on one of the most beautiful lakes I've been on. The fishing started off slow, mainly due to changing baits, trying to figure out what the fish were looking for. Once we put a frog and torpedo on, the fishing was on.  The fish in this lake really put up a fight. 

Here are the sizes of what we caught:

15"/2.21#, 17"/2.58#, 18"/2.89#, 16"/2.17#, 15"/1.98#, 10"/(did not weigh), 25"/7.59#, 16"/2.09# & 15"/2.24

The property owners got to watch us bring in the 7.59# bass right by their main boat house, while they were trying to figure out how to do a group facetime chat.  

We need to work on our skills for setting a hook while using a frog.  We probably missed 10-12 more.

Will be returning to this lake for sure.

Apr 02 2020

Steve Alexander


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Congratulations on the 7.59. Do you have a picture that we can add? If so, just email us the pic and we will add it for you.

As far as the hook set goes. Wait a full second or even 2 seconds before you set the hook. The tendency is to set the hook immediately, wait a second while the fish flips the from head first into its mouth.  Having braided line with little stretch and floats also helps.