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Apr 05 2020 #1

Wayne Pruitt


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Property :
K Bar Ranch , Dickinson

Pruitt Bros K Bar Adventure

Reservation Number : 23683
Property Name : K Bar Ranch
Reservation Date : 04/04/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 44
Lures Used : White Z Craw Jr's Texas Rigged

Determined to fish and get out of the house we made the short commute to K Bar (3 Lakes 1 Property) just outside of Houston a few miles. The weather forecast was not looking good and for once the weather man was right. Rainy with a bit of a chilly north wind. We fished a short 1/2 day due to the constant rain we started  experiencing before noon. But before we were done we did manage to catch 44 bass with one 5 pound kicker. All 43 of the other bass were all small up to maybe a few 2 pounders. It was still great to set the hook.............I had to resort to small ball fishing with a white z craw jr. White was the only color we could develop a pattern with so white it was. Got to meet the property owner and enjoyed hearing a little bit about the lakes. The lakes are deep quarry pits. A very different kind of lake fishing for us with not much to offer in the way of shallows. So we adapted and figured out how to get bit and get numbers. The wind and rain quickly eliminated being in the site boat so we began fishing while walking around these lakes. The pattern for us was fish deeper than normal and entice slowly as you get within 10 feet while walking the bank and bam they hit it. We could have easily caught over 100 fish had we not been dealing with the onslaught of rain/wind in the wide openness. No protection from mother nature but no complaining here. Phil and I had Zero expectations based on bad weather, deep lakes, basically how do you even start under these conditions. First you have to get out of the truck, make a plan, make a cast, catch a fish, catch a bunch of fish. The good news about going with a fishing buddy is you may be ready to call it quits if your by yourself. With a buddy you might be about to quit and he catches a fish and it changes everything. Or he is about to call it a day and you hit a big one. It changes everything. Motivation! Sometimes we need a little motivation! Sometimes shamed into using a bait you would would normally never use. Phil will not normally use white soft plastic baits. Today he had no choice if he was going to catch fish.  

These lakes are a great training ground for teaching new anglers the ropes on bait casting tips, proper use of baits, color selection, handing and releasing fish, etc. I will be bringing my pastor and his 14 year old son and get him acclimated on doing the walk around tactic before taking them to a lake site in a boat environment.

We used the onsite boat when we first arrived, no place to really launch a boat you would trailer other than a kayak. Needs to be dry in order to access each lake to launch a kayak. You can sure get your vehicle stuck if it has been raining. I did snag one (1) good 5 pounder which totally caught me off guard. 


Apr 10 2020 #2

Bob Blundell


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Hey. Which lakes did you catch them. I only have fished on the one on the right as you go in. I’ve fly fished from the shore on the one on the left and caught quite a few little ones.  Bob 


Apr 13 2020 #3

Wayne Pruitt


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We have fished fished all three (3) lakes and have caught numbers on all of them. The one with the three (3) houses is more of a boat lake. The property owner says he is going to drain it down to a acceptable level soon by transferring water to the other two lakes. It is badly over full and hard to launch a boat. The other two lakes are good for walk around fishing if you just want to get some exercise and catch fish. Lots of small fish with an occasional decent one here and there. Weather was not good to really explore the potential of the lake behind the houses but it is the oldest and most likely has the biggest bass in it. That would be my guess.


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