Yates Place 4/10/20

Apr 11 2020

Greg Zimmerman


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I fished Yates Place on 4/10/20.  Fellow member Harrison P. joined me with his boat after we drove separately to adhere to CDC guidelines. For the morning period, the fish were disciplined and adhered to the same guidelines very, very well.  I did catch two 3+lbers between 7:30 am - 9:00 am on a frog, each near shoreline.  The weather was variable in the morning, cold to start, then windy, up to 14 MPH, but around 1:00 pm, wind died down to about 8-10 MPH.  During that time, I caught seven total, two on the frog, one on a creature bait,and four on a 3.8 keitech with underspin. The first fish that I caught was a solid 3.5lb, that was excreting crawfish remains and had puked-up a shad, so take your pick on forage at this lake.  In addition, there are bluegill spawning in the shallows on this lake already, with water temperatures approaching 73.  At about !:30, I floated into the cove across from the dock to get out of the wind, then anchored and started to notice that the keitech I was throwing was getting tapped about every cast.  Eventually, I landed about another 20 bass, almost all from this same position, but almost all ended up in Mr. Yates' fish box as most were under 15".  It was an interesting pattern, I just sat there in the boat and threw the lure and the current seemed to push the bass around the bend into the cove.  At one point, I had to take a 15 minute work call and was unable to throw a cast, but I was totally distracted by the fish busting shad around me.  Happy Easter!