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Apr 13 2020 #1

Wayne Pruitt


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Dogwood Lakes Estate: East Lake, Henderson

Pruitt Bro's Doing Dogwood - 73 LMB

Reservation Number : 23795
Property Name : Dogwood Lakes Estate: East Lake
Reservation Date : 04/10/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 73 LMB 15 in the 3 to 5 Pound Range
Lures Used : Z Craw & KVD Ocho

Good Friday was a Good Friday................73 Fish 

We started at light enough to see working baits hoping for the elusive double d on the east lake. The visibility on the east lake was about 18" and we started hitting fish after about a 20 minute span. Lot's of healthy little fish wanting to be big fish. We worked all the brush piles and outer bank. Worked the stumps and dead tree stick up areas as well. We threw lots of different baits (the usual suspects) but what they wanted was the KVD Ocho (octigon style senko stick bait) and the green pumpkin flash and pumpkin seed zoom z craw. We can't get away from this bait, can't emphasize how this bait catches when nothing else does. We use small weights Carolina rigged with the weight only 6" or 8" from the bait. The KVD Ocho was used with no weight. We are thinking about leaving the tackle boxes in the truck and fish exclusive Z Craws and KVD' Ocho's. All the rest of the gear and tackle just get in the way :-) The property owner (Rocky) checked on us several times and we always enjoy catching up with him each trip we do to Dogwood. What a premier property and well managed. Rocky always has the property manicured and looking awesome. Crispy bacon and a couple of cookies fueled us to keep baits in the water. Rocky mentioned that west lake was not reserved and that we were welcome to finish the day on west lake if we were interested. With a couple of hours left we circled west lake and hit several 3 to 5 pound fish on KVD Ocho no weight baits in the lilly pads. Had to drag the baits off the pads and let free fall for a few seconds and bam. You need to tighten the star drag all the way, hook set and keep the fish from getting back down under the lilly stalks or you won't get to enjoy sealing the deal. We ended up catching a dozen. The attached photo of Phil is a good representation of the ones we released back to strike again. Thanks Rocky and PWF for making this premiere property available to the members. 

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