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Apr 18 2020 #1

John Shepard

Slot Fish

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Post Oak Lake, Bryan

Fishing fun with fast start -- slow finish

Ron Dupree and I had another enjoyable PWF day fishing Post Oak on the 17th from 7AM till 5PM.  Conditions: overcast all day with light breeze, showers later, lake down a few inches (nothing over the spillway).  We started off nicely, catching 10 using topwaters (popper and torpedo) before that bite died down.  We switched to a selection of different plastics and chase baits trying to find what they wanted.  Despite observing many active blowups as bass cornered bait against the "reeds" on the southeast shore, dark plastics produced much better than moving baits.  We had about 25 by 10:30 when things really slowed down.  The rest of the day was slow with a fish here and a fish there.  Almost all the bass were hooked within 10 feet of the bank except for a few that I caught with a crankbait near the southern creek channel.  Showers started mid-afternoon but the fishing didn't speed up.  We finished the day with 48 landed.  Most were 2.5# with only a few 1#ers and the largest few at 4+#.  A couple of the larger fish had bloody tails but we didn't actually see any beds.  When we suddenly felt cold wind coming from the darkest clouds of the day, we rushed to pack up.  We almost made it before the heavier rain started.


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