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Apr 21 2020 #1

Joe V. Smith

Slot Fish

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Jones Lake, Clarksville

Jones Lake 4/21/20

Fished Jones Lake with another member Monday afternoon and the other member only reported the bass he caught . In addition to the 23 bass he reported I caught six bass and removed three of those while primarily using a a fly rod and fishing for the huge bream that this lake is noted for. I caught a dozen monster bream between 1 lb and 1.4 lbs them another dozen between 1/2lb up to 1lb. The other two an a half dozen were under 1/2 lbs but nice size. They hit on an olive woolly and a popper. This is a great lake for the fly fisherman looking for some monster bream.

We had a great visit with the owner and his wife at the end of the day. They have some wonderful stories.


Apr 22 2020 #2

Steve Alexander


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Perhaps the best lake in the club for big bluegill. For those targeting 1 lb+ bluegill this is the best we have. And the bass fishing is solid. The lake was built for fisherman, not a farm tank! 


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