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Apr 22 2020 #1

John Hufstedler


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Triple J Ranch, Ferris

Good Day at Triple JJJ

Reservation Number : 23920
Property Name : Triple J Ranch
Reservation Date : 04/21/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 14, 2 under 14", 12 over 14" with the largest being a fat girl going 21.5"
Lures Used : White/chartreuse chatter bait, Blue gill square bill, baby brushhog watermelon/red flake

Started at about 7:15 with a white/chartreuse chatter bait with a white grub trailer.  Caught a couple then switched to the square bill crank.  Caught most fish on the square bill along the east bank.  Everything was right up on the bank.  The big girl came from about 12" of water near the Texas shaped pool. The brushhog caught a couple of the smaller fish, but I think it was only because I hit them on the head with it.  The squarebill crank was by far the  most productive. The wind picked up after noon and I got tired so I got off the water about 2:30.

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