Tremendous Day with Brother

Apr 23 2020

Darrell Collier


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Reservation Number : 23803
Property Name : Waco Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 04/21/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 61 / 4 LMB >5 most 2.5-4 lbs
Lures Used : Z craw, rogue, spinner, whopper plopper, Med depth billed crank, frog

My brother and I spent a great day at Waco Creek Ranch Tuesday.  The property is incredible, and the lake is amazing.  We got on the water around 6:45a and started with top waters.  Temp was hi 60s, got up to mid 80s mid day.  We only took a rest for about 1.5 hours for lunch, then back at it hard til around 8p.

The silver whopper plopper and gold/orange rogue did well before 9a, but the rogue seemed to work all day.   The weightless green pumpkin Z Craw was the winner - likely caught half our fish on that.  Slow was far better than anything fast. 

Our four largest bass were caught before 11a-couple photos below of two of them.  Almost all fish were within 6-8 feet of the shore.  The few that weren't were still in shallow water up the channels.  We tried deep water, but nothing.  Water north and west of the ramp seemed best of us.  Grassy shorelines were best, many pulled straight out of the grass.   Some luck with the frog in the thick stuff.  Crank bait worked well hitting close to shore around noon and cranking back for quick hits by shore.  

All fish fought hard.  Some still had eggs.  Lost one likely 7-8 lbs.  Was truly a great day.  Thanks to PWF and the property owner for allowing access to this beautiful lake.

Apr 23 2020

Steve Alexander


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You guys are grinders. That is a long day of fishing. Congrations on a great day! San Saba is on fire.