Boom Boom Bass

Apr 23 2020

Kevin Fuller

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Reservation Number : 23677
Property Name : Yates Place
Reservation Date : 04/22/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 32 Bass - up to 4 lbs 17 Bream
Lures Used : Flukes/Files

Fished Yates all day Wednesday with my 18 year old son. He way out fished me... again (20+/12) and I couldn't be happier.  Road in is all paved so easy place to get in and out of when its wet.  Water was classic East Texas Tea colored and the lake was in great shape and very full and got fuller as the day went on.  Fished from dawn until about noon when the boom boom, rain and lightening started.  In the morning we caught some in the shallows right by the launch and then caught them in the cove and creek on the launch end of the lake.  Caught most everything right up next to the bank.  It rained cats and dogs until about 4.  We stayed and hung out on the porch of the cabin and fished some by the dock waiting for the weather to pass.  The lightening was serious and we had a strike close by on the far end of the lake so that kept us out of our yak/sup until the show was over.  During the storm I pulled out my 3 weight fly rod and picked off monster bream by the dock during lulls in the rain.  With the rain, the lake came up and the dock by the cabin was almost under water by the time is was over.  After the lightening show was over we got back on the water about 4:30 and caught a few more quality bass in the shallows before packing it in around 7.  My son had the most success on white flukes fished shallow and I did best with a black ugly homemade wooly bugger and a frog popper fly.  Our biggest fish topped 4 pounds with a lot of solid 2 and 3 pound fish.  The big fish were hiding well and we had 9 culls.  

When we went to leave my somehow my truck battery was dead and Mr. Yates was our good Samaritan and gave me a jump to get us back on the road back to Dallas.  We visited with him a couple of times during the day and what a nice man and great host. Even with the rain and lightening it was great to be out and great to get to fish such a beautiful place with such a gracious host.