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Apr 24 2020 #1

Paul Barner


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Property :
Triple J Ranch, Ferris

Jimmy Houston Pattern @ Triple J

Reservation Number : 23987
Property Name : Triple J Ranch
Reservation Date : 04/23/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 11 Bass 10"-22"
Lures Used : White Spinnerbail

Fished the afternoon after the front. The only thing that worked for me was beating the banks with a white spinnerbait. No plastic, no chatterbait, nothing but the spinnerbait worked. Fish were scattered all over, I caught 11 total but just 3 were under 14". Best fish was a solid 6 pounder who was still on a bed right by the Texas pool. The east bank paid out as the best spot producing a 4, 5 and the 6 pound bass. Not a great numbers day but these fish are super strong and slammed the lure. Happy Days fishing close to home.

Apr 24 2020 #2

John Hufstedler


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I fished Triple J on Tuesday and caught a pre-spawn big girl about that same spot.  My scale didn't work right so I didn't get a weight, but she was about the same size as your big bass. Maybe we caught the same fish.


Apr 24 2020 #3

Paul Barner


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If she was really mean, had a beat up tail and bent the rod under the boat with an attitude I would say it was the same fish. She weighed 6.2 and was 22 inches. A nice bonus reward for beating the bank.


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