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Apr 25 2020 #1

Ron Dupree


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Property :
Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes, Crockett

OK day on Hickory Creek 4/24

Reservation Number : 23980
Property Name : Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes
Reservation Date : 04/24/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 23 14-17
Lures Used : top water/swimbaits

Fellow member John Shepard and I ventured out to Hickory Creek Friday morning arriving around 7:30 am. We launched a 20 ft fiberglass boat without a hitch(figuratively  speaking of course) and started clockwise around the big pond banging the banks with top waters and beetle spins. It took a while before we made fist contact with one of our green friends and they  were not as friendly as in the past few weeks. Not only did they not want to get in the boat when we did find one they were making themselves very hard to find. We finally attributed the lack of contact to several things, the tank was up at least a foot from a couple of weeks ago almost even with the fishing dock from the heavy rains on Wednesday night, post front bluebird conditions, there appears to be a algae bloom going on since our last visit a couple of weeks ago and finally yes you guess it SOCIAL DISTANCING. It seemed like our friends were purposely staying 6 feet or more from our baits. What worked best was John's persistence in throwing the annoying whopper plopper and i had best luck with a weightless swimbait throwing at the bank and only if you hit them right in head. It was a good day to be out none the less and we observed a huge bird(must have been 6 ft tall using a fishermans calculation)  perched in the pines by the dam and if you look at the top of one of the pine trees there is a nest that dwarfs any bird nest I have ever seen. 

Winds were every bit of 15-20 mph at times and water temp was 74 deg. Vegetation was a bit more noticeable then previous trips but thats what happens as the water warms up in Texas

Apr 25 2020 #2

Scott Porto


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Hey there - Me and a buddy fished there on 4-24 and had about the same luck. The wind about blew us off the pond and the fish were very picky. I feel the heavy rain the night before played a part in the reduced action. I fish this pond on a regular basis and the action was much slower than normal and the grass is starting to bloom. 

One of the highlights to fishing this pond for me is getting to see the eagles put on a show. They nest is huge and they are such a beautiful bird! 




Apr 25 2020 #3

Ron Dupree


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Agree, John and i fished there Feb and Mar and the action was incredible. i was surprised how much it has changed. The eagles are a huge bonus to watch on this property!


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