Twin Lakes April 26th

Apr 27 2020

Pete Lane


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Fantastic day at Twin Lakes today. Weather was perfect, high 70's slight N breeze, lakes are in great shape (though there is an algae bloom developing on E Lake - don't know if that is usual there in the summer). Started on E Lake around 12:30 - fish were bunched up in the shallows in the timber on the N bank. Caught 12 on white free-lined senkos, nothing else worked….. no frog bite. But a lot of fun, largest 4 were around 3lb. At 4 moved over to W Lake - the road across is a bit washed out, but not a problem in a pick-up. W Lake is in great shape, good clarity, fish all very healthy. Caught 10 here, including 2 monster crappy on rattle trap. Caught the 2 largest LMB on rattle trap at 5.3 and 4.7 - also caught good fish on a wacky worm dropped by the stumps or in the margins at the dam. Packed in just before dusk - really fun day