Apr 27 2020

Robert Bruccola


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For sure a sleeper lake.  My first trip there a few weeks ago I found myself lost among a million lest ten friendly cows, and winds so strong I couldn't control my boat.   Thank god for the spot lock feature on my new trolling motor.  Caught a few fish right away on a watermelon red senko all very small.  Spend the next 2 hours marking structure checking water depth and cleaning grass from my prop.  Then the wing died down removed about 35 bass.  Returned to the lake a 7.5. Four over 5 pounds and a good handful over 3 pounds.  Figured out a pattern. Toward the middle of the lake which is very clear there are large patches of grass about 2 or 3 feet below the surface after throwing several baits with not even a strike I started throwing a rattle trap and a super magnum fluke weight with a nail inside the plastic and the bite was on.  In 25 years of power bass fishing I've never even tried a rattle trap. I caught 5 assorted sizes in my fist 5 casts with the rattle trap. I think I'm the one that is actually hooked. Second trip which was this past Sunday 4-26 I was only able to fish for three hours same exact pattern and baits produced same result. This lake has a lot of vegetation a bit concerning as the temps warm up some areas as deep as 25 ft.  But with some good harvesting this place in the years to come will be amazing.  Also had about 20 blow ups on a frog but only landed 1 fish, found a lot of lay downs and brush I wouldn't say it's as good as Leinweber but for sure worth the trip   Try fishing that grass out a bit deeper I'm a bank fisherman used to shallow water from 6" to 4 ft. Maybe 20 ft. Off the bank  this places fishes different patches of grass fishing parallel with the grass patches does it even with creature baits right on the edge of the deep patches  and watch for bass following the baits to the boat caught several once bait was in sight and slowing down the retrieve triggered several bites   Good luck if you fish it please send in a report I'd like to monitor this place    Bobby B