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May 01 2020 #1

Steve Alston


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Alysha Ranch, Clarksville

Adventure at Alysha Ranch

Reservation Number : 24194
Property Name : Alysha Ranch
Reservation Date : 04/30/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 17 to 19" and most were 18' plus
Lures Used : Lizards,Wacky Worms & Yum Dingers

Beautiful sunny day with temp.between 65 at 7am and 89 in the pm.Wind calm to 5 mph. Visibility 10" and stained. This lake has a high potential for being stained due to the wind and shallow end opposite the damn, however tends to hold a very large healthy population of big bass around all sides of the lake. I have found the best results is to simply take your time and fish the grass perimeter completely around the lake for the best results. Even with a heavy stain I still did very well and most always do. I might add you won't be disappointed. PS; I missed another 5/6 that didn't make it in the boat. One of those probably was over 20". I'm not a crank bait or spinner bait guy, but a buddy of mine does very well in this lake with vibrating baits due to the stain. 

I know Clarksville is a pretty good drive, but; now you have 2 excellent reasons to go. Alysha Ranch and Jones Lake. Their both well worth the driver and the roads all the way over and back are in great condition.



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