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May 03 2020 #1

Reggie Thomas


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Alysha Ranch, Clarksville

Quartined At Alysha Ranch for the Day

Reservation Number : 24242
Property Name : Alysha Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/02/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 37 bass most were 16-19 inches long
Lures Used : Texas rigged or weightless anything black with blue flakes; rage craw, fightin frogs, chatterbait

My family and I decided it was time to get out and get away from all this covid-19 madness.  We made the 3 hour drive to Alysha Ranch and arrived around 10 am.  We had partly cloudy skies, bright sunshine and the air temp was about 75 degrees.  We were pumped and ready as we jumped into the boats to hit the water, but the wind had other plans for us!  In no time flat two of the boats were pinned against the fence on the North end (shallow) of the lake.  Luckily we had one trolling motor and one hot battery.  After hauling one group to the bank, we took the boys to the south end and tied them to the spillway.  While standing on that spillway, they caught 4 nice bass and 3 giant crappie.  Once we started fishing, I picked up two good bass fishing thru the moss with a black n blue ragetail craw texas rigged. And that became our pattern, using a ragetail craw, 5 inch fighting frogs, sweetbeaver and even a chatter bait.  We took turns using the boat with the trolling motor and fished the south end of the lake into the north blowing wind.  From the southwest corner of the lake around to the southeast corner and then letting the wind push you up the lake.  Anything black with blue flakes would pull one of those pot belly bass and even a giant crappie from out of its cover and the fight was on.  I could only imagine what it would have been like if the wind had not been that high.  Alysha, we will definitely be back to see you Honey! Oh!  I failed to mention the giant bullfrog that my buddy caught on his black n blue fightin frog.  That frog hit like a giant bass and it almost scared us out of the boat when he finally got it to break the surface.  In all we caught 37 bass with the largest being about 4.25 and culled 10 dinks.

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