A trip of culls

May 04 2020

John Little


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A wide range of temperature…My guest and I started at 7am at 44 degrees and high of 87. A slight breeze during the day and bright sun all day. 55 total..37 bass (harvested 15) and 18 crappie. Probably went around the lake 5 times. Shallow ends were churned up by carp, but rest of lake was mostly clear and very little weeds. Tried all sorts of tackle….senkos (big bites) and lizards worked the best. Caught two 4.75 at the boat launch…probably the same bass….same green senko with pinch weight 4 inches up line, about two hours apart…another 4 and 5-6 around 3 lbs. Crappie at trees close to dam. Nothing consistent, but had a great time. Computer problems cause of delay in posting.