Beautiful day at Twin Lakes

May 06 2020

Scott Quigley


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Reservation Number : 24164
Property Name : Twin Lakes
Reservation Date : 05/05/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 34 up to 6.4
Lures Used : Senko, ratl trap, spinner bait, rogue

Fished with my dad 5/5 from 9:30-7.  Started on East Lake and caught 8 LMB and one crappie, big fish was 6-4 and caught a couple others over 4.  The big one was not far from the dock, about 10 feet off the bank, purple wacky Senko.  Spinner bait caught the two other nice ones in timber.

After a lunch break fished West Lake and it really is worth the extra journey.  Caught 20 LMB most 2-3 lbs, 4 slab crappie and one bull perch.  Ratl trap was the winner, most of the fish and lots of hits we missed.  Senko also productive and one fish on a rogue.  Nothin on top water but we left before prime time.  The most productive spot was the middle of the lake north of the timber...took us awhile to figure that out but once we did was great action.  Beautiful property, will definitely be back soon.