Nice day on Twin Lakes

May 07 2020

Mike Fay


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Reservation Number : 24288
Property Name : Twin Lakes
Reservation Date : 05/06/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 16 2-3 lbs, 2 at 4 lbs
Lures Used : Blue/Black worms, Senkos

2 of us fished Twin Lakes from 8:30 to 4:00.  Fished North lake in morning.  Caught 9 in morning.  All but one were very tight to bank and all caught on Blue and Black power worms (no weight).  Bite was very soft and fish were not aggressive at all.  Caught only one fish in deeper part of lake on Rattletrap.  Fished South Lake in afternoon and caught 9 more.  About half were around corners of the dam and most of the rest were on South shore line very close to shore.  Best luck was using Watermelon red flake Senko wacky hooked.  Tried all sorts of other lures and colors, with not much luck.  Did catch a couple fish on MEPs.   All fish caught were solid, healthy fish.  Nothing under 2 lbs, with most being 3 lbs and a couple at 4+ lbs.  Wind was a little strong for our small boat, but manageable.  Water was muddy and high.  Great day and we will be back!