Boom-Boom on the Backside of the Moon

May 10 2020

Stephen Hardison


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Reservation Number : 24315
Property Name : Backside of the Moon Lake
Reservation Date : 05/09/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 26
Lures Used : texas rigged plastics

Took my younger brother to BSM Saturday. Left at 5:00 am—hit water at 6:45 am. I have only fished 3 PWF locations and this one is my go to-(over 6 trips easy in my short time as member). Only threw dark plastics all day—-till 7:00 pm and pulled in 26. Fish were light on the bite and if you were not watching your line you wouldnt know you had one on. Missed some on hookups, a few we couldn't land in the boat, and 2-3 of those could of-should of-would ofs—if only.  Half the fish were 16 inches and under. The largest 2 boated were 5 lbs. The 2-3 missed were bigger judging by the fight and what we saw of them. Wind was up and down all day and we fought it some but overall a great day. 

P.S. Great thing the fishing is good because it is a lot of work to get into BSM. Last year the road was what it was—but this year the amount of traffic and the pigs wollering have made some holes 1 1/2 foot deep and you can drive as slow as possible but still get bucked around so much and its tough on the truck, boat and equipment. Its a beating. I guess just maybe that will keep some others away, the fishing pressure less and for those that can grin and bear it—make for better fishing