Beautiful but Slow at Backside of the Moon

May 23 2020

Richard Christy


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Reservation Number : 24551
Property Name : Backside of the Moon Lake
Reservation Date : 05/22/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 3 LMB 12-14 Inches, 1 Crappie 1 lb 9 Oz
Lures Used : TX Rigged Lizard, Deep Diving Crank Bait

This was my first time at this beautiful ranch, but just couldn't seem to get'em to bite.  Tried top water, Wacky rigged and TX rigged worms and lizards, super flukes, a deep running crank bait, and a wooly bugger on my fly rod. Got one on the TX rigged lizard early then a 12 inch LMB and 15 inch 1lb 9 oz crappie on the deep running crank bait mid afternoon.  After that tried my fly rod and caught a 14 inch LMB on the wooly bugger.  The wind was strong from the south early then changed to the north mid morning and was fairly light most of the afternoon. Got off the lake late afternoon before the weather turned really bad.  

Albert, the rancher, met me as I was driving in.  A really nice guy. I think he was making sure I was careful with all the gates since he had cattle there.  Can't say I blame him worrying about some city guy from Dallas "screwing it up".  

FYI, the transom on the club boat has been repaired so it's easy to mount your motor, but there's a slow leak so you'll want to have something bail water with to keep your gear from getting wet.  

All in all another great day fishing.  We'll catch more fish next time.