Hill Country Ranch

May 24 2020

Michael Mozier


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Reservation Number : 24383
Property Name : Hill Country Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/23/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7
Lures Used : Top, and Bottom

Water clear 80 degrees. Water level is about 8' down. Vegetation is thick throughout the lake. Had only 7 fish today, culled 5. With the vegetation, not much you can do in mid-level of the water. Top water walking baits, and craw and lizard on the bottom. Highly recommend NOT fishing in the far arm of the lake right now. Vegetation fouled my trolling motor repeatedly. No problem getting in due to windy conditions. Just allowed it to blow the boat into the cove. Getting out was a whole different matter. Ended-up killing my battery trying to get through the grass. Stop, and go to pull the tangle from the propeller. In the end, had to row, against the wind, to get off the lake. All part of the game! There will be better days. Mother Nature needs to help us out, and get these water levels up.

On a side note, when I arrived at the lake there was a Giant Grass Carp, shallow near the boat ramp. He was well over 30", and thick. I've seen these guys here several times. Had one swim under my boat once, and with the water crystal clear, as it usually is here, it looked like a Shark lumbering by.