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May 24 2020 #1

mason murphy


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Property :
Kickapoo Lake, Canton

Family Day at Kickapoo Lake

Reservation Number : 24501
Property Name : Kickapoo Lake
Reservation Date : 05/23/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 10 total/4 lbs
Lures Used : Frogs

A nice day to be on the water at Kickapoo.  With five kids, I'm in search of properties that are especially kid friendly, meaning that bank fishing is allowed, the bank is fairly cleared out of tall grass, and most of the lake is accessible.  Kickapoo for the most part delivered in this for us.  The property was easy to find and the direction in the reservation email were on point. 

What were they biting: 

Frogs.  I've not really done much frogging fishing. I'm lucky in that I had a tray full of frogs as a 'just in case', but wish I had more to choose from.   The frog top water bite was good throughout much of the day.   We used a variety of frogs, but the Lunker hunt Popper Frog 1/2 oz in Leopard got the most hits and boated the most fish (the Lunker Hunt prop frog also got a good number of bites.  

It's not too surprising that frogs were successful, as you can see evidence of a very healthy frog population at this lake (tad poles everywhere!! and you can hear them as well at certain times of day). 

Where we caught them: 

All over really, but if looking at the map, we caught them in the southwest branch, along the dam, and caught a couple of nice fish on the north end as it narrows and in shallow water.  We caught them both from the bank and in the boat. 

This lakes greatest challenge: 

Grass!  It has a lot of it, to the point that it made fishing, for me at least, almost impossible with soft plastics on the bottom.  I love fishing shaky head, jigs, and wacky rigs, and I just had to give up on it as the grass was too thick to be able to successfully fish the bottom.  As a result, we mainly stayed on top of the water.  I tried swim baits and flukes, but couldn't get bit.  

Would I go back to Kickapoo?

I would.  It's a beautiful property, easy to get to from Dallas, and with the knowledge I have now, I think I could boat 

a lot more fish next time. 



Jun 06 2020 #2

Peter Helfert


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5 kids!   That's definitely zone defense.   Thanks for the great details - I'm always looking for properties to get my 10yo and 8yo out and will try this one.  I'm especially interested in camping spots as well.  Any thoughts on camping here (they allow tent camping) and road noise?    Thanks - Adrian


Jun 16 2020 #3

mason murphy


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Sorry for the delay here Peter.  I don't know if I would want to camp at this property.  I can't think of an ideal area to really set up, comfortably, a tent, chairs, etc.  The property slopes down towards the water fairly close to the lake, so it doesn't leave a lot of room.    The lake isn't too far (100 yards maybe) from the main road, but I don't think that road would get too much traffic, especially in the evening hours that it would be an issue.    Awesome place to fish with your kids, but I would look at other properties for camping.  Hope that helps and happy fishing


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