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May 26 2020 #1

Reggie Thomas


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Property :
Alysha Ranch, Clarksville

Went back to see Alysha

Reservation Number : 24565
Property Name : Alysha Ranch
Reservation Date : 05/22/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 65
Lures Used : Gold blade buzzbait; black/blue flakes rage craw

Went back to Alysha Ranch on Friday afternoon and it was another great day.  We caught about 65-70 fish ranging anywhere from 10-20 inches.  Again the wind was high but we were prepared.  Did not catch anything along the South end of the lake like last time.  Started catching fish around the weed bed (island) in the southeastern corner of the lake. Picked up 3 solid 3.5 lbs on a perch color redeye shad. We let the wind push us as far as we could go to the north end of the lake and it was on.  It was a buzz bait and spinner bait fiesta. For a solid 30 minutes, every other cast (it seemed like) we were bringing them in.  Most of them were 12-13 inches but there was some much bigger mixed in there.  As the action slowed, we worked our way around the lake to no avail until we hit that southeastern corn.  At that point we found some 2.5- 4 lb fish that absolutely loved a gold bladed buzz bait.  About 7pm, the wind died and so did the bite.  We used a gold bladed bait with either white or black skirts and a chartruse trailer.  If you like top water fishing, Friday was THE DAY!  Looks like the area flooded pretty bad.  We notice a boat tied up to a tree a good distance from the water, but there was moss or scum all over the trees, weeds, banks and everything in places it couldn't have gotten unless there was a machine spreading it around.  Also notice, there was another drum or two under the end of the dock because it was now sitting up out of the water.

May 26 2020 #2

Reggie Thomas


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Can someone tell me how to rotate this picture?


May 26 2020 #3

Jim Bennett

Slot Fish

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Hi Reggie,


What a day you all had! Well done.  I am guessing the spillway might have gotten blocked then re-opened to spread all of the moss. 

To rotate your picture: You can't do this in the PWF server, you must do it outside before you load onto server.  Here's how.

Open the Paint software/app in MS Office.  Navigate to your picture thru File->Open-> (your picture).  Your pic should now be on the screen.  Click the Rotate icon left or right to orient your picture. (Even if it is already upright I still rotate left then right just to make sure.)  You can also resize, crop, etc, here if you need to.  Now click Save when you are happy with the image.

Then edit, delete the old sideways pic off the PWF site and re-post the new image you saved in Paint.  Should look just as you saved it. 

Let me know if you have any troubles.

Cheers, Jim


May 27 2020 #4

Reggie Thomas


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That worked.  Thank you sir.


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