Busy Day at Cody Ranch 05/23/2020

May 28 2020

Brandon Quigley


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A friend and I fished Crabgrass lake on the 23rd.  We never left crabgrass because the fishing never turned off.  We started with paddle tail swim baits and fished them about 4 to 6' deep.  We caught a few bass but that soon turned into a crappie apocalypse.  They started attacking the boat and some jumped in the boat…Just kidding.  Seemed like it though. We caught 20 crappie that morning and 8 bass.  All the bass were 2.5 to 4lbs.  Crappie were all large enough to fillet.  We broke for lunch and a long afternoon nap.  Got back after it about 4pm.  This time with a cooler on board to throw the fish in.  We caught 14 crappie and 10 bass.  We culled all the crappie and one bass.  My friend continued with the orange paddle tail swim bait and took 9 fish.  I switched to a shallow diving orange crank bait and caught the rest.  We ate well that evening.  

I am pleased we ventured a little further than normal.  Cody Ranch is a beautiful property.  Especially this time of year.  The owner is very friendly.  I enjoyed speaking with him and hearing about the history of Cody Ranch and his family.