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May 28 2020 #1

Carl Sparks


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Signal Ranch, Cash

Signal: Solid Topwater Morning on Baitcaster and Fly Rod. Slow midday.

Water was very muddy and the day sunny.  Frogs fished well over the weed mats.   Both kicking (Ribbit) and spitting frogs (Spro) worked.  Most of the bites the bass only smashed the lure the first time then came around for the eat.  So I missed a lot of takes by taking the frog away too soon.  Once I slowed it way down I was hooking up.  On the fly rod also went with something that pushed a lot of water.  Largest Dahlberg diver I had in my tackle box.  Worked almost as well as the frog thought the 12-lb leader made it dicey to haul them out of the weeds.  By 1PM the bite was totally off and I didn't stick around for the evening shots.  All the fish were nice strong 2 and 3 lb fish.  No big ones this time.







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