Nice day @ Pecan Gap

Jun 01 2020

Glenn Wiebe


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Reservation Number : 24692
Property Name : Pecan Gap
Reservation Date : 05/31/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 1 @ 5lb, 4 @ 2.5-3lb, 2 @ 1.5-2lb, 3 @ < 1lb
Lures Used : Senkos, jigs, spinner bait, buzz bait, Texas rigged plastics

Fished from about 8:30 to 6:30 with my youngest daughter. Really liked the lake. Warm bluebird sky day. Fish were tight to cover and under the vegetation which can be a challenge b/c it is thick in spots. Most fish caught on senkos, TX Rigged plastics and swim jig. Fish were caught all over the lake. I missed one in the deeper water that was one of those bites that felt like it was going to be a good one. When I got my TX rigged googan worm back to the boat it had been bitten in half. Oh well.