REMOTE - great camping spot, cool place to distance, not successful fishing this time

Jun 07 2020

Peter Helfert


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Reservation Number : 24675
Property Name : Backside of the Moon Lake
Reservation Date : 06/06/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 2
Lures Used : sq lipped crankbait, worms, chatterbaits

Went camping the night before and fishing with 2 10yos and a friend.   It's tough driving to get to for sure - it'll put that SUV you have that's never made it out of the city to the test.  Camping spot is in the trees with a picnic table and a rock-surrounded firepit.   Ground is really rocky, so if you camp you'll need either an air mattress, sleeping pad or a chiropractor.   Coyote den must have been no more than 200 feet away.   And there's some loud jubjub bird out there that makes sleeping a pipedream.   There's only one boat, a vhull - that's in pretty good condition and found by the boat ramp, before you cross over the dam.   The owner's house is at the end of the lake and there was another boat there but it was in use.   Other than coyotes and bird, it's quiet and a beautiful lake with lots of structure and rocky areas.  Certainly enough for a full day of fishing.  There was some wind mid day as we were leaving, but evening and morning were flat and awesome with fish hitting the top of the water in abundance.   We'll go back soon as it was a great area for camping with my son and I know there are fish there, we just didn't catch them.   I'd definitely camp here again as well - just know that it's really primitive camping and remote.  The kind of camping I like.

Jun 22 2020

Rob Mehlmann


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BSM is challenging but fun.  If you want to get your young ones on a lot of bass, try Trinity Lakes, Covington.  It's also fully stocked with horses & cows :)