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Jun 07 2020 #1

Sandy Harris


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Bennett Lake, Grapeland

Bennett Lake

Reservation Number : 24748
Property Name : Bennett Lake
Reservation Date : 06/06/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 5
Lures Used : Spinner Bait, Chug Bug, Bass Assassin, Rattle Trap

My wife, son, and nephew went to Bennett Lake on Saturday (6th). The bite was very slow. Vegetation has taken over the shallow end of the lake all the way back to the launch area. There is also thick moss out from the banks all around the lake. The water clarity is crazy, with visibility being 4 to 5 feet. We picked a few fish early on top waters over the vegetation. The other few were picked up fishing spinner baits and rattle traps on the outer edges of the moss. The 2 bass we culled were 13 inches, 2 returned at 16 inches, 1 returned at 22 inches. The 22-inch fish only weighed 5.13 lbs. The fish did not look healthy and was about 1.5 lbs underweight for its length. However, on a good note, the 5 lber was my wife's PB bass, so the day did have a positive ending. 

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