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Jun 08 2020 #1

Philip Davison


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Boatwright Lake, Kennard

Good time at Boatwright

Reservation Number : 24774
Property Name : Boatwright Lake
Reservation Date : 06/06/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 13
Lures Used : Lipless rattle cranks; t-rig and w-rig worms

My son and I fished Boatwright on Saturday, June 6th.  We were expecting a good day to cull a bunch of undersized bass, but it turned out to be just so so, although we still had a good time.  Part of the reason is that we missed the early morning bite due to a dead car battery so we didn't get on the lake until about 9:45.  We fished until 1 and then took a break to cool off until 5.  We ended up catching 13 and removing 10.  2 of the 13 were big sunfish that we of course returned.  Most of the fish we caught in the evening, after 7 PM.  We fished until just after 8.  All the fish were caught on lipless rattle crank baits and t-rig or w-rig worms - colors didn't matter.  We had a good time and we will be back.

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