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Jun 08 2020 #1

Kirk Balsley


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Property :
Live Oak Creek, Valley Mills

Awesome looking lake tripped me up

Reservation Number : 24769
Property Name : Live Oak Creek
Reservation Date : 06/07/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 5
Lures Used : Spro Frog, Yellow Magic, Buzz Bait, SB, Senko


Lake looks great with nice lay out and clear water. You would think you’re in FL if there were a few lily pads. Tough fishing for me today.  Missed the first hour of daylight which could have been the problem as there were a couple swirls that happened as I pulled up. Caught a small fish on the first cast but it was not happening after that. Even hit all the shade that is on bluff wall and had one half hearted bite on a buzz bait but that was it. About 8:30 got on a senko bite in between the two points across from launch in the very deepest water.  Had to be a Yamamoto too.  Would only hit the mid size watermelon senko.  Caught the last one about 10:45 and left at 11:15.  Things i’d Do different. Arrive early. Have the map app for the property. It is close to six miles off Hwy 6.  Fish lake at different time of year with electronics, anchor etc. Read all prior reports entirely.    Final count was 2 -3 lb. fish on the senko and 1 just under 15” and 2 culls around 12 inches. Be careful to stay to the right after leaving the last gate. There is a marker like a wind direction deal to stay right of otherwise there is a big/dangerous looking drop off. 


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