Great day on the water

Jun 09 2020

Mark McAdams


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Reservation Number : 24606
Property Name : Waco Creek Ranch
Reservation Date : 06/06/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 26 released, 5 keepers and 5 crappie.
Lures Used : Googan swim jig with googan craw in crawfish colors,popper, White and red spinnerbait with googan swimbait trailer, shad color jerk bait, top water frog, 10in plum power worm,

Caught 26 that we released plus several small bass and some very nice crappie on beetlespin. The googan craw swimjig with googan craw trailer was the king today for the bigger fish. Smallest released was 21/2lbs and biggest being 5lbs (caught several in that range). Swimming the jig over the grass. All together great day for our very first trip on a private water fishing lake.