First time at Henrietta

Jun 12 2020

Pete Lane


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Fished Henrietta for the first time on 6/11 - pretty lake with lots of structure. Water was murky, only 12" visibility in the main body of water, though quite a bit clearer in the south shallows - given the amount of vegetation in the lake and the dark color of the bass that can't be normal. Had high winds on Wednesday, so maybe that stirred it up. Spent time graphing the water and there is lots of structure, an 18' deep bowl by the dam that rapidly rises to 6' under the first clump of timber, then a marked creek channel going up the lake. I think given the murky water struggled to find a pattern, ended up catching 14 to 3lb (4 culls), either caught them on a wacky worm pitched into trees, TX rig dragged along the creek channel or a free lined senko in the clearer water in the shallows. Good lake to fish from a kayak, would be tough to get into the south end shallows with a trolling motor, some holes in there that seemed to be holding the bigger fish.