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Jun 13 2020 #1

Lane Blundell


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Old Oaks Ranch, Brenham

Ye Olde Oaks

Fished Old Oaks in Brenham Friday AM after cool front came through Wednesday.   Brought my Jon boat and saw the Pelican boat but as mentioned previously, there did not appear to be any seats available.  Got on water around 7:00 am but saw water looked off, a funky light chocolate milk color with visibility only about 6 inches.   Surprising since there had been no rain in the past several days if not a week.  Started with top water…...nothing.   Switched to TX-rigged worms and picked up a few bass, all dinks.  Switched to beetle spins and caught a couple more bass and 2 crappie.  Tried several other lures but nothing.   Overall, caught 10 LMB, all small and I mean less than 1 lb, only 2 over 1 lb, and barely over 1 lb.  The fish did not look particularly healthy, very white with little coloring and on the skinny side even considering their size.  Previously had always done well at this lake with fish up to 4-5 lbs.   Not sure if something is going on at the lake right now.


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