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Jun 16 2020 #1

Samuel Mitchell


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Property :
Signal Ranch, Cash


Reservation Number : 24714
Property Name : Signal Ranch
Reservation Date : 06/15/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 80/2-5 pounds
Lures Used : Frogs/Soft plastics/Texas rig

My buddy Wade and I fished from sun up to sun down and the Signal ranch did not disappoint.  The landowner should be congratulated on how spectacular the entire ranch is set up.  This is my second time out there and the bite was going all day.  In fact after a few minutes if we weren't hooked up with a hog we thought we were doing something wrong!  A spectacular day out there. 

We knew it would be hot so we had a plan and followed it meticulously.  Starting with frogs in the shallow water at dawn produced several good fish.  In fact, we both missed as many as we caught as the bass would grab the frog and get down in the thick reeds/weeds and release just enough pressure on the hooks to get off.  So much fun and had the frog bite lasted longer we would have stayed at it. 

We switched to pulling an 8" zoom lizard (green pumpkin) Texas rigged and that bite didn't really stop all day.  If there was a top bait for the day, this was it.  As it got hotter and the sun was overhead we switched to a wacky rig (green pumpkin).  Solid producer all day.  When the wind picked up we focused on the aerator/s and pulled square bill crankbaits and that flurry was short but fun.  We then went in reverse order (wacky, lizard, and then frog) all the way to dark. 

Signal ranch has big, powerful fish that when you can find them can be an epic day.  In fact, I don't think I have ever had a day of fishing like this one.  Private Water fishing and Signal ranch, thank you for this special fishery!!!  Wade and I have a day of fishing that we will always remember.  

Jun 16 2020 #2

Steve Alexander


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So glad you had a banner day. June is my favorite month to catch. And Signal Ranch is a great place to do it. I noticed that you did not post sizes, but my guess is that the vast majority of these fish were over 2.5 lbs with quite a few over 3.5/4  lbs plus. We only have the privilege to fish the lake M-Th, and a maximum of 8 days a month. The reality is the lake is usually fished just 4-6 times a month, so the pressure is minimal. The owner likes to leave Friday through Sunday closed just in case family wants to fish on the weekends. This happens rarely, but they have the opportunity. We recognize that $225.00 per person a day is a deterrent for some. But, those who go, know why it is priced the way it is. Places like this are hard to find and even harder to access a lease.



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