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Jun 26 2020 #1

Russ Frenzel


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Signal Ranch, Cash

Perfect Day at Signal Ranch

Reservation Number : 24846
Property Name : Signal Ranch
Reservation Date : 06/25/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 120 (most 15'-18")
Lures Used : All Soft Plastics/Crank Baits

We had a rocking day at Signal Ranch.  Between 4 of us, we hauled in at least 120 bass, and several large Sunfish.  There are brush piles near all the oxygen aerators which is where most were caught.  There were several large schools of bait fish all over the lake.  It didn't seem to matter what we were throwing out there, they were biting on everything.  I'd say that 75% of the bass caught were between 15"-18".  Had several in the 19"-20" range.  Largest caught was a 23", 5.16lb.  This property is as nice as they come and wish all properties had the pontoon boats on site as it sure makes it easier to fish whether you're sitting/standing.  We'll definitely be back to this property and hopefully the bass are just getting bigger.

Jun 27 2020 #2

Steve Alexander


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The group that fished the week before had similar results. They caught 160 bass with similar sizes. 


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