Perfect group outing at Heartland 10 10

Jul 03 2020

Mike Mehlmann


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Hosted our annual BassForecast owners meeting last weekend at Heartland 10-10.  Had 9 people in attendance, including 5 who braved COVID travel requirements to get there from as far away as Chicago, San Fran & Philly. All were super impressed with the setting & accommodations.  Craig built a new fire pit area that can comfortably sit a dozen around it.  The group enjoyed watching the deer graze, the clear night star gazing, making smores & drinking scotch while smoking cigars. 

Due to zero wind, the fishing was tougher than normal.  But, thankfully the group managed to catch several big fish. 6 fish over six pounds, 2 over 7 and an 8 pound 10 ounce beauty caught by a 1st time bass angler.  I have seen new anglers catch the biggest fish now 2 years in a row.  I think it is because they follow directions better ;)  We set him up with a big senko and told him to fish it slowwwwly.  He did and it paid off.  That fish picked it up after it sat on the bottom for about 10 seconds.  Most big fish were caught on 10"+ worms fished in the deep timber.

If you need to entertain a group, or simply want to enjoy a true east texas ranch experience with a family or buddies, Heartland is phenomenal.