Hot and slow day at Lake Thrallveston

Jul 06 2020

Jared Harpole


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Reservation Number : 25140
Property Name : Lake Thrallveston
Reservation Date : 07/05/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 2/1.5-2lbs
Lures Used : Tokyo Rig

Arrived around 6:45AM and fished until around 11:30AM. Visibility was less than 6". Fished from the club boat for about 1 hour battling the wind and decided to fish from the bank from the remaining time. Hooked a small one when fishing from the club boat but the fish threw the hook. Then bank fished the dam and caught 2 on a Tokyo rig with a Netbait Paca Craw in Bama Bug Red with a 1/8 oz weight. Tried to get the swim jig and rattle trap bite but they did not want that. Hal the owner was very pleasant and helpful.