Jul 06 2020

John Little


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July 3, PM. Fished solo. Got on water at 2:30..94 degrees/no clouds/slightest of a breeze…was cooking. Fished until I took a break from sun at 5. Caught 10 in that time biggest was 4.5, and 3 in the 3-3.5 range. Water was very clear with the shallow half of lake choked off with matted weeds. Lake is about 2-3 feet low with 10 ft ring of weeds around the bank. Took an hour break then started again at 6 and fished to dark. Caught only 5 more…two more 3 lbr's. Culled 6 total. Lures used…silver crankbait and assortment of senkos and 10 inch Rage tails and worms, plus a couple on Ribbit frogs.