Twin Lakes on the 4th

Jul 06 2020

Guy Smith


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Reservation Number : 25107
Property Name : Twin Lakes
Reservation Date : 07/04/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 25 caught, 2 @ 1lb, 3 @1.5lb, 16 @ 2- 3lb, 1 @ 3.8lb
Lures Used : Senkos- any color, weightless, wacky rigged

Fished West Lake 6:30 - noon.  Partly cloudy with a slight breeze for most of the morning.  Grass not a problem. Water a little murky after recent rain. Caught most of the fish from 9 to noon.  Hardly anything on frogs and assorted topwaters early.  Wacky rigged senkos, any color, did most of the damage.  Majority fish caught in the 3.5' to 5.5' water out in the middle from the 2 points on the north bank on the upper end - one point holds the beaver dam.  Caught 2 nice crappie on cranks.  A very nice morning for fishing.