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Jul 07 2020 #1

John Daniels


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Triple J Ranch, Ferris

BOLO Favorite Rod and Reel Stolen... by a Grindylow

Fished with PWF member Brad Wemhoener on Sunday July 5 AM.  We caught 10 bass, largest was 5.2 lbs, on 10 inch red zoom worm, green jig and a my first fish on a fluke. 

First time to Triple J.  Its the closest lake to my house with only a 35 minute drive.  We had multiple exciting catches that required teamwork to land.  These fish know how to use the cover to their advantage. and wrapping themselves a few times around a stick up is standard operating procedure.

We were having a good morning at Triple J catching most of the bass in close to the timber on the east side.  it rained off and on most of the morning so it was refreshingly cool.  It had just stopped the heaviest rain of the morning when I set the hook on something that did not move.  I bobbled and juggled the rod into the water.  My first thought was I set the hook on some structure and lost my rod but as I am belly on the gunwale trying to grab it I can see it is moving quickly to my right.  We fished with large treble hooks for the next half hour.  We caught no line, no rod and no timber.  My only guess is I hooked a sea creature but thought a Grindylow which are known to do these types of things is more likely.  We did spot a large gar about 50 yards from the last known location which is a suspect of interest.  It is possible I just set the hook on a stump and failed to maintain control of my equipment.  Nonetheless, if any of you find an original Ambassadeur 5500c reel attached to a 7 foot rod let me know.

It was a fun trip and looking forward to going again.




Jul 08 2020 #2

Brad Wemhoener


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Great report John, and thanks for not making me eat a big. Had a great time fighting the big, smart fish. Most were caught wearing the timber like a hat.

Jul 08 2020 #3

Brad Wemhoener


Member Since : 2020
Number of Posts : 34

*bug, not big.

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