Fireworks at Malouf

Jul 08 2020

Stephen Johnston


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Reservation Number : 24933
Property Name : Malouf Lake
Reservation Date : 07/03/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 128/ Dink - 3.25 lbs
Lures Used : Swim jig, frog, fluke, senko, worm

My son and I fished Malouf on July 3.  As the day started we were hopeful that we could replicate the success in some of the recent reports with totals in the 50s.  I was pessimistic that we would reach those numbers given the heat.  The topwater bite was strong early with multiple fish caught on frogs and a few caught on a Jackall Pompadour.  After an hour to two we switched to swim jigs and that was the bait of the day.  While we caught some on flukes, senkos and TX rigged worms, the vast majority were caught on bluegill patterned swim jigs with swim bait trailers.  When we have fished Malouf in the past we have found a few pockets where we had success but this time we caught fish all over the lake.  We caught fish along the shore line, the dam, in the timber - there really was not a place we did not catch fish.  While I was hopeful we would catch in the 50s, we had that by lunch time.  We caught a total of 128 which is our best day ever.  We could have added to that total but stopped at 6:30 as the sun had taken its toll and we were both exhausted.  The fish ranged in size from dinks to the largest at 3.25 lbs. The top 5 fish totaled about 15.5 lbs.  We caught a good number of small fish that would have been culls had we been removing fish under 14".  We also caught a lot of fish in the 2 to 2.5 pound range.  A great way to spend a day off from work.