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Jul 10 2020 #1

Michael Seikel


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Cody Ranch Hart Lakes, Coalgate

Fun morning on Upper Hart

Reservation Number : 25187
Property Name : Cody Ranch Hart Lakes
Reservation Date : 07/10/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 17 bass, 4 under 14 inches removed, 13 over 14 inches returned. Largest 4lb 2oz next largest 2lb 10oz.
Lures Used : Weightless wack Senko, 4” swimbait, Texas rigged Pit Boss

Weightless Senkos, 4" swimbaits, and Texas rigged Pit Boss all worked equally well. Green pumpkin and watermelon were the colors used. Fish were caught around timber in shallow water, edges of lily pads, and a few just throwing a swim bait in open water. Caught a 2lb 10oz early in morning on swim bait and thought that was going to be the big fish. 10 minutes before quitting time threw a Senko along the dam near the boat ramp and picked up a monster bluegill and the 4lb 2oz bass. 

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