Malouf Lake

Jul 19 2020

Stephen Conover


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Reservation Number : 25184
Property Name : Malouf Lake
Reservation Date : 07/18/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 25/ 10" to 3lbs
Lures Used : top waters, crankbaits, soft plastics

My son, Cody, and I fished Malouf Lake on Saturday July 18th.  We arrived at the lake at sunup and fished until 12 noon. The water temp was 88.7 degrees and the water was very clear with visibility to 3 feet.  Air temps began in the low 80's and got up to 96 before we left.  There was plenty of underwater vegetation around the shoreline, but it was not a problem.

Top water lures produced most of the fish until 10am at which time Cody switched to a drop shot rig and did real well.  He ended up with 15 fish and I caught 10.  The fish were good fighters, but all of the one pound and larger bass had very flat bellies and some were even concave. Had they had normal or fat bellies, we would have tallied at least one four pounder and a couple of three pound fish.

This was Cody's first Private Water Fishing trip and he was extremely pleased with the pretty lake and the number of fish caught.