A few hours of fishing

Jul 20 2020

Ray Giordano


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Reservation Number : 25291
Property Name : Masagana Farms
Reservation Date : 07/19/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 10 small to 2+ lbs
Lures Used : bladed jig, rattle-trap

Visited this nice property for the first time this morning.  Got there well after sun up, around 7am.  Fished until around 9:30am.  Originally I thought we'd have more time.

  Caught 10 between 2 people, mostly away from shore.  Plenty of grass throughout the lake, cast all around the boat, didn't catch any next to shore.  A chrome lipless crank took 7 of the 10. Bladed jig the rest.   Lots of fish in the lake, looking forward to a next visit.