Private Waters Slam

Jul 22 2020

Kevin Fuller

Slot Fish

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My buddy Shawn Brentham and I fished Waterboo this morning with fly rods and off our Bote stand up paddle boards.  We did well really early on top water flies and poppers and then things slowed down about 8 o’clock but we kept grinding and caught fish until noon when it was time to wrap up.  Most of the bass were cullers or just over but we both also caught good numbers of bream and Shawn caught 3 nice crappie that are headed for the frying plan. Bass, crappie and bream made up our slam.  We caught most of the fish early by the deep part of the creek at its entrance and in the grass flats just before you get to the creek.  Shawn caught the crappie in a deep hole off the bank to the right of the water drain next to the dam between the barbed wire fence and the dam.   Final count – 16 bass with 11 cullers, 12 bream and 3 nice crappie.  This is a beautiful place and I’ve always really enjoyed fishing here.  This can be a really fly rod friendly lake.  One day these little bass are going to get bigger and this place is going to be the complete package.