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Jul 23 2020 #1

Erik Wilkinson


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Malouf Lake, Lancaster

Terrific evening on Malouf

Reservation Number : 25216
Property Name : Malouf Lake
Reservation Date : 07/22/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 50 bass ranging from 1/2 to 4 1/2 pounds
Lures Used : Swim Jig, wacky senko

We started at 4:00pm and immediately saw action. A slight breeze all evening kept us on a nice easy drift along the dam and east and west banks. Mid brown swimjigs fished deep produced all the early catches. Later in the day, wacky senko in all shades of green from light to dark olive produced a ton of fish. Our 7 or 8 largest all weighed 3 1/2 pounds or more. Best spots were the exposed trees in the center of the lake, the west bank about 50 yards south of the boat launch, and the east bank near the visible submerged trees. The breeze kep us cool all evening and the fishing was outstanding as usual.      

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