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Jul 24 2020 #1

Scott Kinsel


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Property :
Post Oak Lake, Bryan

Fantastic Day at Post Oak

Reservation Number : 25338
Property Name : Post Oak Lake
Reservation Date : 07/23/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 8 / 2-4lbs
Lures Used : Tx Rig SP (powerworm black / blue)

What a great day at Post Oak.  Fished from 8am-12pm.

I fished for LMB almost every weekend as a kid. But that was 30+ years ago ... So I'm a little rusty. That being said, fishing at Post Oak was just awesome.  The fish were biting in the areas that a rookie like me would expect.  Structure, stumps, etc...  I threw a lot of different stuff at them:  TXRig SP, crankbaits, chatterbait, rattle trap, fluke, spinnerbait.  The only thing they hit was pumpkin or black blue TX Rig worms. 

There was a ton of action on the surface but I couldn't get them to bite any topwater lures.  Very strange.  

A few notes about the property:

- The pontoon boat is fantastic.  SO much better than a johnboat.  Very stable and big deck for casting.  There is a trolling motor, but I didn't use it. Brought my own.  

- I didn't go under the bridge to the other pond.  Was wondering if that was permitted?  

Pics attached where I caught the most fish.  




Jul 24 2020 #2

Jim Bennett

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Good report Scott.

Yes you can go under the bridge.  My son and I have done well in the smaller connected pond. Especially near the bridge and feeder creek.  The other place that can be good is right in the middle of the big lake when they are chasing shad.  Shad rattle traps can be effective.  They also key on crawfish imitations around the shore and a little deeper. 

Good fishing.



Aug 09 2020 #3

John Shepard

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As Jim said, going under the bridge is allowed and can be productive.  There is an old brush pile in the "middle" but the entrance area has produced better for me.  Some of the surface activity that you saw was likely not bass.  The carp and bluegills in that lake have fooled me before.  Most of my topwater success has been in low light situations.  Note that, on a windy day, the pontoon boat can really be pushed around so bring an anchor.



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