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Jul 26 2020 #1

Jared Harpole


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Property :
Post Oak Lake, Bryan

Texas Rig from the bank or bust

Reservation Number : 25340
Property Name : Post Oak Lake
Reservation Date : 07/24/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 11/dinks-3.5lbs
Lures Used : Texas Rig/Drop Shot

Bank fished Post Oak from 7AM to 3PM on Friday. Water visibility was probably 2-3' vegetation was not too bad (it was submerged around the shoreline). This was my first time at this lake. I tried throwing a swim jig in different weights, colors, trailers, etc. It just did not produce. I also tried a lipless crank bait and that also did not produce. Once it became clear that these fish wanted to be coaxed into biting I first whipped out the drop shot. I used a 4.5" oxblood red flake Roboworm and a green pumpkin Zoom Z drop worm. Both of these did produce bites whereas the moving baits did not. The problem was the drop shot was a dink magnet. But hey I landed probably 5 or 6 with the drop shot, boosted my bass catching confidence, and then switched over to Texas Rigs. I threw a Texas rigged Zoom Super Speed Craw in black and blue and I also used a Z-man Fatty Z in green pumpkin. Both caught bigger fish but they really like the Zoom Super Speed Craw more. I did miss several good bites from bigger fish on the Zoom Super Speed Craw. Ended the day with 10 or 11. Most of the bigger fish were caught in the creek channel pitching into the very edge of the light grass mats next to the bank. I do think fishing from a boat would be more productive here although around 1PM the wind really kicked up hard and at that moment I was glad to be banking it. For those that read this in the future thinking about bank fishing I would say that you can easily bank fish the West shoreline and also fish on the other side of the metal bridge is good for bank fishing (see video of property for details). Bank fishing the creek and East side of the lake was an adventure through very tall grass. There were not really any well defined paths or roads over there so you had to rough it. To me it was worth it because that creek channel was awesome in terms of the fish but it is a long walk over there in tall and thick grass. The caveat with my opinion about bank fishing and trekking through tall grass may be related to it being the middle of Summer and other times of the year it may be better.  Great property will definitely come back.

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